Nature can be tough and kind, you can be in awe and disdain

One: Your journey to the mountain’s home from your home.

This can start in your car, a friends, a train or in your bed and many other alternatives according to one’s dogma or way. A nervous wave…

A insight into the status of HTML web standards, web accessibility, and upcoming web app features: Payment request API, WCAG 2.2, WebAuthn and more

W3C & WHATWG — HTML Web Standards

In this article I will talk about the following:

  1. W3C and WHATWG — what are web standards?
  2. Future Web features e.g Payment Request API, WCAG 2.2, WebAuthn, Native File System API and more

It seems a long time ago when I was a Junior Developer sat with goggle eyes for the latest HTML 5 release. Releasing back on the…

David James Carter

Hello! I’m a software engineer based in Oslo, Norway. #JavaScript, #Blockchain, #DApps, #FutureWeb

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